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Talent is the best gift But talent without support would sometimes fade away. There are hundreds of talented kids in the streets/hoods/towns and cities who got very nice singing abilities BUT they are no where close to the chart. Music is a feeling and something a real musician would love to do any-time anywhere BUT the whole truth remains that every singer wants to be a SUPER-STAR. If everyone become a star who will cheer the stars, Many are called few are chosen. without promoting your music you are like a burning wood that brings no smoke. Promoting music is the KEY factor for any upcoming artist who really want to ride on to the seat of glory. This is where Morribi Records comes in, We publish /promote/advertise and distribute Artist songs and personality to as many people/contacts and links we could find on-line and beyond. Giving you maximum support in the industry with equal love for ALL. We prepare you today to face tomorrow with a confident mind.

We take up the task like no one else, With a multi-level method of promotion. Applying all necessary and required promotional gadgets we could find digitally. bringing a new supporting strategies for the upcoming artist world-wide. We strive to bring our artists to the limelight by working hard everyday to make sure their music is heard and played where necessary. All our services are well equipped and this makes us exceptional wonderful in the industry. We are digitally connected.


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